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My name is Victoria Hammond and I am an artist who has always been intrigued by the

creative ways you can recycle other people’s “junk” to make something totally new and


I love old photos of women! 

By using the old photos of women who have gone before us, I feel I’m bringing them back

to life in a way, and honoring an existence that has probably been forgotten. 

I love broken things!

I find beauty and interest in ordinary things, many times broken things that most people

might just toss away.  To me the imperfections make it that much more interesting &

unique, & there’s a story there.

I love rust! 

Rust doesn’t necessarily mean old & decaying, it can also mean resilient & strong!

I love fiddling around!

I consider myself a “Master Fiddler” when it comes to my creative process. I love scrounging

through my findings, playing with what pieces I might want to put together, then fiddling

until I get that  "Aha!”moment when everything comes together, many times not in the way

I would have envisioned in the beginning.  I love that surprise!

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